Likud Anglos Director Lobbies Against Cancellation of Primaries

Letter defending primary elections by Likud members
distributed to Central Committee members.
June 14, 2015, JERUSALEM--As the Likud Central Committee went to the polls to decide whether to transfer to itself the power to elect the Likud's candidates for Knesset, Likud Anglos Director Daniel Tauber distributed a letter opposing the change, signed by 100 Central Committee and Branch Council members and other prominent Likud activists.

The signatories included a number of branch chairmen, former members of Knesset, and candidates on the Likud's list for the current Knesset.

"Canceling the right of Likud members to choose their representatives and to transfer this right to the central committee would be a great mistake,” the letter said.

“Such a change would lead to an immediate reduction in the number of Likud members, the cancellation of tens of thousands of existing memberships, and prevent potential members who care for the direction of the State of Israel and believe in the values of the Likud from joining the movement.

“In addition, the chances that these citizens will vote for the Likud in the general election, when they will not be members of the party and as they will have no real connection with the party, will be reduced significantly."

The letter was distributed directly to Central Committee members cell phones and e-mail accounts.

With the backing of Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, the Central Committee voted against wholesale cancellation of the current primary system, but adopted a compromise measure whereby the ten "district" candidates would be chosen by the Central Committee instead of Likud members in each district.

Tauber agreed with the Prime Minister's initial position on the subject, rejecting any change, but the letter merely cautioned against cancellation of primaries in order not to oppose the compromise position adopted by the Prime Minister.

In explaining his opposition to the Jerusalem Post, Tauber said, "People should choose MKs. MKs represent the people, not some committee. I would benefit if the power went to the central committee, but I don’t have the right to that power."

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