Likud Anglos Director Chastises French MP Over Palestinian Statehood Vote

JERUSALEM, Israel--Likud Anglos Director Daniel Tauber squared off against a French Member of Parliament who voted for recognition of a Palestinian state on the international television channel France24 last week, telling the MP that France and Europe could better put their energies toward pressuring Palestinian terrorists to renounce violence and stop incitement.

During the political affairs program, The Debate, which aired Tuesday, MP Jacques Myard of France’s Union for a Popular Movement Party spoke of the need to pressure Israel to end the “occupation” and end the conflict.

“I heard a lot about what... France wants to do or has to do to push Israel to do what France believes is necessary,” Tauber responded.  “But I don’t hear anything about getting Palestinian terrorist organizations to renounce violence and stop naming squares after suicide bombers... I don’t hear anything about that.”

“Somebody said to solve this crisis we need to do this [pressure Israel to create a Palestinian state]. Well how about another solution? How about terrorists stop killing Israel civilians? If Europe could something about that, maybe there would be peace,” Tauber said.

Tauber went on to criticize the MP, who compared the Israeli-Arab conflict to France’s rule in Algeria, for  making decisions from far away that would allow terrorists to target Israeli civilians.

“If you get what you what you want, I’m in danger. I don’t want terrorists coming to my neighborhood as they did in Har Nof when they massacred people while they were praying.”

Tauber, who is a Likud Central Committee member and was a candidate on the Likud’s Knesset list in the 2013 elections, has long been an opponent of Palestinian statehood and Israeli territorial withdrawals. It is a theme that runs through his column at the Jerusalem Post as well as his articles with other publications. 

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