Likud Anglos to Netanyahu: Adopt Levy Report

JERUSALEM, October 23, 2012—In a letter addressed to Netanyahu, Likud Anglos’ Executive Director Daniel Tauber rejected the delay on the as out-of-hand comments made by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, which attempt to obstruct the government’s adoption of the Levy Report.
The report represents the findings of a government committee, chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Edmund Levy, which affirmed the legal foundations for normalizing the status of outposts in Judea and Samaria areas. Weinstein denies both the report’s mandate and Netanyahu’s government’s right to adopt it.
Tauber’s letter points out that while Weinstein may claim the current government is a “transitional government,” elections are not being forced by a motion of no-confidence or prime-ministerial resignation, but by governmental request.
The letter continues to demonstrate support for Netanyahu’s loyalty to principles, including preservation of the Jewish People’s rights to the Land of Israel, upon which the Likud was founded.
Tauber also wrote that the activists applauded steps taken by the Likud party leader to prevent members of the Kadima party from retaining internal Likud voting rights.
The Kadima party was formed in 2005 by former members of the Likud and Labor parties. Amidst the projected disintegration of Kadima in the coming elections, some of its members attempted to revive lapsed Likud memberships so as to gain voting rights in the party’s internal institutions.
Last week, Netanyahu had the Likud Convention approve a resolution barring the updating of membership by members of other parties - closing that loophole.
Tauber thanked Netanyahu for the decision, writing that “once they abandoned the movement for Kadima, they showed their true colors and ceased being Likud members.” The letter commended the blocking of those opportunists who were abandoning Kadima’s “sinking  ship” from attempting to “manipulate the democracy” of the Likud’s organs.

Read the article in Arutz Sheva.

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