David Greenberg

David with Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon
at Likud Anglos' "Modern Macabees" event
over Hannukah in December 2011.
DAVID B. GREENBERG has been a pro-Israel activist since his studies at Queens College (New York), which he attended as part of the prestigious CUNY Macaulay Honors College program. He was a leader of the Israel advocacy groups and was president of the college's Zionist Organization of America club.  David also interned at the Campus Department of the ZOA during term breaks.

After completing his BA in 2006 with majors in political science, history, and Jewish studies, David worked as the research analyst of the ZOA Campus Department, where he was responsible for research, informational materials, promotional materials, editing departmental publications, and Internet operations, and also played the leading role in conceiving the redesigned general web site of the organization.

Shortly after immigrating to Israel in 2008, David joined the IDF, working in the Spokesperson's Office, where he was assigned responsibility for Western public opinion research in the Research, Strategy, and Initiatives division.

In 2009-10 David completed an MA in international relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  

Starting during his MA studies, David has served as assistant to the CEO of the Almagor Terror Victims Association, in which capacity he produces informational and promotional materials, executes research about security-related issues, is responsible for Internet operations, participates in donor relations, and provides political and organizational consulting services.  

David helped rebuild Likud Anglos in 2010 and has been active in Likud Anglos ever since, serving on its planning committee, participating in preparing, advertising, and executing activities, political campaigns, building relationships with Ministers, Members of Knesset and their staff, drafting proposals, advising on strategy and contentious political issues. 

David can be contacted by e-mail at dgreenberg@likudanglos.org.il

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