Likud Anglos, Young Likud in Hevron: Supporting the Likud a "Long-Term" Commitment to the Land of Israel

Likud Anglos executive director address a crowd of 140 
participants of the "Remember Hevron! Tour" organized 
by Likud Anglos and Young Likud. 
HEVRON, Israel, July 6, 2012—Likud Anglos executive director Daniel Tauber called on a group of 140 participants in a tour of Hevron to support the Likud, as part of a “long-term” commitment to the Land of Israel and the State of Israel. The tour was organized by Likud Anglos and Young Likud.
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Tauber cited the example of the Jewish patriarchs who laid the roots for the Jewish claim to the country in order to further a vision that would not be realized for hundreds of years.

“Just as the Avot [Forefathers] took steps to secure our right to the Land of Israel and to build the nation, such as purchasing this place [Me’arat HaMachpelah]; digging wells; fighting in wars; making treaties with local powers of the time--all for future generations--we too must consider not only current events and emotions, but the distant future, for the sake of the next generation, and the generations after.”

Tauber also cited the example of Likud Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir, who passed away a week prior. Shamir spent decades in the political opposition, even in exile, before becoming Speaker of the Knesset, Foreign Minister and then Prime Minister of the State of Israel. Shamir once remarked that “it was only natural” for people such as him and his predecessor Menachem Begin to come to power, even after all those years, because the truth was on their side.

Omri Akunis, a coordinator for Young Likud who helped organize the tour but was not able to attend, said that organizing the tour “places an emphasis on Jewish heritage and history and our right to the Land of Israel” and “the clear connection between future generations and the historic Land of Israel.”

After discussing the history and importance of Hevron as well as problems facing the city’s Jewish community, Hevron spokesperson David Wilder asked audience members to use their influence as Likud members to strengthen the city’s Jewish community and Jewish right of access to holy places in the city.

Some of the tour's organizers. Top row: David Greenberg,
Daniel Tauber, Yehudit Zvaig, Leah & David Laker, Sonia 
Graham. Bottom: Daniel Laufer and Elie Fouere. 
The 140 participants on the “Remember Hevron! Tour” were mostly English speakers, who came from cities across the country with major Anglo populations, including Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Tel Aviv, and Modi’in.

Likud Anglos members who organized buses included Sonia Graham in Ra'anana, David Leah from Modi'in, Ariel Solomon from Tel Aviv (Solomon was recently admitted as a Branch Council member to the Tel Aviv-Nefei Avivim branch of the Likud). Other Likud Anglos' members who organized the tour included Daniel Laufer from Jerusalem who guided the first bus from Jerusalem, David Greenberg, Yehudit Zvaig and Elie Fouere.

Sandra Rajwan, a candidate for the oleh spot on the Likud’s Knesset list who is well known within the Likud, also participated in the tour as part of her effort to connect to various immigrant communities whose votes she will be seeking in the upcoming Likud primaries.

The tour hit well-known sites in the Jewish section of Hevron, including Tel Rumeida; Beit Hadassah; the Avraham Avinu neighborhood and synagogue; and Me’arat HaMachpelah, where Tauber and Wilder spoke.

The participants at Me'arat HaMachPelah. They came from 
all over Israel

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