Likud Anglos Executive-Director: On Iran, Netanyahu following in Jabotinsky’s Path

Daniel Tauber speaking to Americans for a Safe Israel
at their annual Jabotinsky memorial in New York City.
NEW YORK, NY, July 25, 2012--Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “following in Jabotinsky’s path” in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program, said Likud Anglos executive-director Daniel Tauber at a memorial for Ze’ev Jabotinsky organized by Americans for a Safe Israel in New York.

Tauber related off the record stories of Jabotinsky recorded by Tauber’s grandfather Rabbi Jack Tauber who served as Jabotinsky’s personal aide in 1940.

Tauber believed the stories, which showed the lighter side of Jabotinsky, shed light on Jabotinsky’s message to the Jewish people, “learn to laugh,” as stated in Jabotinsky's novel Samson.

While Jabotinsky could joke and laugh at himself, Tauber said, he took the fate of the Jewish people very seriously, whereas other Jewish leaders took themselves too seriously, and tended to their own political standing, at the expense of the security of the Jewish people.

Tauber pointed to criticisms of Netanyahu by former PM Ehud Olmert and former Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin as examples of people trying too advance their own careers even as the dangers posed by Hamas, Hizbollah, the Islamic government in Egypt and Iran’s nuclear program were forming a noose around Israel’s neck.

"These are the type of people who have not learnt to laugh and take themselves too seriously while taking the dangers we face not seriously enough. This was exactly the type of personalty and opposition Jabotinsky faced."

Tauber said he believed that Netanyahu, who was following in the path of the Jabotinsky in confronting the danger posed by Iran, would be able to lead Israel to overcome the threat because of the foundation Jabotinsky laid during his own life.

“Thanks to the foundation Jabotinsky laid, we are in quite a different position than Jabotinsky was and I believe we will be able to stop Iran and avert a second Holocaust,” Tauber said.

The memorial, which marked the 72nd anniversary of Jabotinsky's passing has been held annually for years. Americans for a Safe Israel was founded by Shmuel Katz who also served as a personal aide to Jabotinsky and served as a minister in the government of Menachem Begin. Katz resigned in disagreement with Begin over the peace agreement with Egypt. He later wrote a two-volume biography of Jabotinsky entitled "Lone Wolf."

Americans for a Safe Israel was one of the few U.S. organizations which publicly campaigned against the Ariel Sharon's Disengagement plan.

Other speakers at the memorial included Mark Langfan who discussed the dangers posed by territorial withdrawals; Aryeh King, the director of the Israel Land Fund, and Helen Freedman, a former director of Americans for a Safe Israel, who also spoke about Jabotinsky and his message.

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  1. Bibi may be following Jabotinsky on Iran , but he is following Begin and Yamit by allowing his government to expel jews from their homes in Israel. And as Bibi says in his own words in the clip on this page, if people vote for Kadima with their plan for more expulsions, Hamas and Hisbola will be strengthened. Expelling Jews from Bet El is not what Jabo had in mind and Shmuel Katz left Begin because of Yamit, despite the fact that he fought in the Irgun.