Likud Anglos' organizes Anglo Central Committee "Caucus", Delegation Visit MKs

Newly elected Anglo Central Committee members meeting 
with Dep. Min. Ayoub Kara. From left: Daniel Tauber, 
Ayoub Kara, Sonia Graham.
JERUSALEM, Wednesday, March 22, 2012--Likud Anglos organized the first ever delegation of Anglo Likud Central Committee members to the Knesset, meeting with Likud MKs who were competing for positions within the Likud party including Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara, MK Danny Dannon, MK Tzipi Hotovely, and MK Mickey Eitan.

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Kara and Hotovely are both candidates for the position of Chairperson of the Likud Policy Bureau while Danon and Eitan are competing for the Presidency of the Likud Convention. The delegation also met with MK Ofir Akunis who is not competing for a position within the Likud.

The delegation consisted of 14 Central Committee members. A dozen more Anglo Central Committee members were interested in coming but were not able to make it due to scheduling conflicts.

Likud Anglos' executive director Daniel Tauber, who organized the group, said it was the start of an "Anglo Caucus" within the Central Committee which be a forum and a voice for the fresh perspective that olim from English-speaking countries bring to Israel's political system and the Likud.

One of the primary issues on which the group lobbied when meeting with the MKs was ensuring that primaries for the Likud's Knesset list are not cancelled. Two proposals have been made to cancel primaries - one which would give the task to the Central Committee itself, a body of 3500 persons, and another, proposed by MK Mickey Eitan which would give the task to a separate body of 10,000 persons made up of Central Committee members and members of the local branch councils.

Several weeks ago, party chairman Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would not allow the power to elect the Likud's Knesset members to be taken away from the membership and given to the Central Committee. He even remarked that if that occurred he would leave the party, take all the Likud's MKs, and start a new Likud party.

In addition to internal Likud issues, Tauber also hoped the group's influence would strengthen Likud Anglos' pre-existing lobbying efforts for Jewish rights to the Land of Israel, a strong national security policy, reforming the aliyah and klitah process, and electoral reform.

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