Likud Anglos Letter to MKs Demanding Aggressive Anti-Terror Actoin

The following letter was sent by Likud Anglos to every Member of the Knesset belonging to the Likud. The following is an English version of the letter sent to the Prime Minister. 

Wednesday, March 30 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu
The Prime Minsiter
Prime Minister’s Office
Phone: 02-6705512
Fax: 02-5664838

Re: The Protection of the Jewish People and Residents of Israel from Terrorism

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu;

As you know, last Wednesday, at about 3:00 p.m., a bomb packed with shrapnel exploded at Binyanei HaUma, in the heart of Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel. It has been reported that approximately 39 people were injured and one woman, named Mary Jane Garner, was killed. Like many other Israelis, my own wife was in the area of the attack earlier in the day. The bomb exploded right next to a number 74 bus, one of the primary bus lines running through Jerusalem.

This heinous attack did not “break the silence,” as has been said of it. It was not the first attack in a long time. Two and a half weeks ago, terrorists brutally murdered almost an entire family, the Fogels, in Itamar; a barrage of rockets is routinely fired on the western Negev, resulting in injuries and psychological trauma; and there is a litany of daily unreported attacks in Judea and Samaria. But people not directly affected have allayed their own fears by telling themselves that those attacks happened far away, in the periphery.  Surely, they could not happen here in a big and important city. Surely the government would not allow it. This is a familiar mantra in Jewish history. But the truth is that those attacks did not occur far away. They were, in terms of physical distance, very close. And, as was proven this week and as has been proven time and again throughout history, those evil acts which people tell themselves could not and would not be perpetrated in their neighborhood, to them, eventually were perpetrated against them. These acts were executed here, in a big city, the capital city. And they can be executed anywhere else in our small country.

It should not be forgotten that the previous terror wars ("intifadas") began similarly, with acts of violence directed at a limited number of Israelis at an initially low frequency. The failure to respond aggressively and put an immediate end to these initial attacks allowed for the continuation and escalation of the attacks. Ultimately hundreds and thousands of us were killed and maimed. The effect of these terror wars still looms large in the psyche of Israelis and Jews abroad, many of whom believe that Israel is simply not a safe place to live

Those terror wars were launched when our negotiating partners decided that what they could not obtain through negotiations and international pressure they would attempt to achieve through violence directed at our society itself. Today, with these simultaneous attacks—including another package bomb that was left on a main street in Gilo, another Jerusalem location, and a downpour of rockets on the south that hit Rishon L’Tzion last Thursday—it seems that once again such a decision has been made.

In light of recent events, I am writing to you now, on behalf of the English-speaking Likud members and supporters as well as the rest of Israel, to request, actually demand, that you ensure that every action be taken to ensure that the latest attacks do not escalate into a new terror war. Whatever it takes, the attacks must be stopped before they are perpetrated, and those planning to perpetrate them must be dealt with beforehand. We expect that you execute your pledge “to act aggressively” in order to “preserve the quiet and security.” We expect this because this is the unqualified primary responsibility of civilized government.

We are not prepared to wait until hundreds are dead before action is taken. The dead are not mere sacrifices on the altar of peace. They are our neighbors, friends, and family. Nor will we tolerate the capital of Israel once again being transformed into a battleground. No other civilized country would tolerate such a state of affairs in any part of its territory, let alone its capital, and Israel should be no exception.

Please note that this letter is in no way an attack on you or the Government, rather it is a plea from concerned citizens to their representatives.

Daniel Tauber
Likud Anglos Jerusalem Committee
Mobile: 054-948-1096

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