End of the Freeze: Shomron Tour & Symbolic Groundbreaking

End of the Freeze: Shomron Tour & Symbolic Groundbreaking

Sunday, September 26th

marking the end of construction freeze,
the renewal of the Zionist mission of settling the homeland,
with a tour of the Shomron
and symbolic groundbreaking at the yishuv of Revava

Your attendance is important!

Register ASAP (by Tuesday)

To register and for more information contact:
Jerusalem – David Greenberg 052-707-6840 dgreenberg@likudanglos.org.il
Rana’ana – Sonia Graham 054-472-9191 sgraham@netvision.net.il

Cost: 30 NIS

Jerusalem – Leave at 8:30 a.m. from the Inbal Hotel. Return at 7:30 p.m.
Rana’ana – Leave at 8:00 a.m. from Yad L'banim Ra'anana.

Tour Locations:
*Ariel Cultural Center
*Pedu'el observation point -
the "Front Porch of the State". It offers a panoramic view of the coastal plain, from Ashkelon to Hadera. A must see for anyone living in Israel.
*Der Sam'an -
(Abbey Simon Farm) - An ancient Byzantine farm, established along the main road of that time. It includes many agricultural installations, such as oil presses, wine presses, cisterns, storage ponds and more.
*Lunch - There will be an opportunity to purchase lunch (bring your own) and eat in a sukkah.
*Mitspeh Ha'achim in Bruchin - offers wonderful Shomron views.
*Barkan Industrial Park & Mall
*Hirbet el-Borek
* Revava -
We will then lay new foundations in Revava to restart building in the heart of Israel.

Sponsored by World Likud

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