Join Us!

Thank you for deciding to strengthen the Likud and the State of Israel by joining Likud Anglos and the Likud.

English Likud Membership Form
To officially join the Likud as well as Likud Anglos, fill out the Likud membership form (.pdf). Fax it to 02-561-0976 or scan and e-mail ( a scanned copy back to us. You may also personally hand the copy over to the persons listed below.
  • Signatures must be by hand.
  • Persons who made aliyah within the year must also send a copy of their Teudat Zehut (Identification Card)
Returning the form to us will put you on Likud Anglos rolls. If, however, you're not sure about joining the Likud you can still get updates as to Likud Anglos activities by e-mailing your contact information (name, phone, city) to