About Likud Anglos

Likud Anglos is a group of dedicated Olim from English-speaking countries who believe that the Likud is the political party most able to lead the State of Israel, to continue building and reforming Israel's economy, to improve Israeli quality of life, protect Jewish and Zionist values, defend the Jewish people, and ensure the integrity of the Land of Israel.

The Likud has a long history -- one intertwined with the history of the Zionist movement and the founding of the State of Israel. It began with Ze'ev Jabotinsky who founded the Revisionist-Zionist movement and continued with Jabotinsky's protégé, Menachem Begin who founded Herut and then the Likud.

We believe that “Anglos,” who have backgrounds from advanced democratic cultures, have a special role to play in the Likud and the State of Israel. We therefore aim to provide our membership with an influential voice inside the Likud and Israel's governing institutions.

Likud Anglos was founded in 2007 by Ari Harow and managed by Shalom Helman and Sonia Graham, with the support and encouragement of Likud Party Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu.

JOIN US in strengthening the Likud and the State of Israel:

Sonia Graham

Daniel Tauber

For involvement elsewhere call 054-948-1096.