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JERUSALEM, Israel, February 5th, 2013--After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu retained control of the government by a much narrower victory than expected, Likug Anglos Executive Director Daniel Tauber writes about what the Likud can do now to begin laying the seeds of success for the next elections. READ THE ARTICLE AT THE JERUSALEM POST.

JERUSALEM, Israel, January 22th, 2013--Anglos from all over the country took part in the Likud's election campaign. Here are some of the photos from election day. SEE THE PHOTOS.

JERUSALEM, Israel, October 16th, 2012--After the string of arrests of Jews for praying at the Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site and a recognized Holy Place public access to which is protect by law, Likud Anglos' Executive Director Daniel Tauber writes in the Jerusalem Post that Israel must not fear the radical Islamic mob and ensure its citizens religious liberties. READ MORE.

Some of the Likud Anglos' activists in Hevron. Top Row: David Greenberg, Daniel Tauber, Yehudit Zweig,
Leah Laker, David Laker, and Sonia Graham. Bottom: Daniel Laufer and Elie Fouere. 

JERUSALEM, Israel, September 5th, 2012--As numerous leftist politicians and ex-security officials pressure the Prime Minister not to strike Iran, Likud Anglos' Executive Director Daniel Tauber makes the case for a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran before Israel's window to strike closes in the Jerusalem Post. READ MORE.

JERUSALEM, Israel, July 18, 2012--Likud Anglos marked the 72nd yahrzeit (anniversary of death) of Ze'ev Jabotinsky who was among the founders of Israel and founded the Revisionist-Zionist movement which became the Likud Likud Anglos brought a delegation of young activists to the Knesset. Likud Anglos' executive-director Daniel Tauber published an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post discussing the importance of Jabotinsky's contribution to Jewish history. READ MORE.

HEVRON, Israel, July 6, 2012--Likud Anglos and Young Likud organized a tour of Hevron with 140 participants from all over the country, including from Ra'anana, Modi'in, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. At Me'arat HaMachpelah, Likud Anglos executive director call on participants to join and stick with Likud as part of a long-term comitment to the Land of Israel. Read More.


1 Apr. 2012
At the 2nd annual Menachem Begin Memorial Conference organized by Likud Anglos, speakers address issues facing Israel. Former diplomat Yoram Ettinger called on Israeli leadership to be more self-confident when dealing with the United States; Professor Moshe Sharon discusses Israel and the West’s failures in negotiating in the Middle East; Likud Anglos director Daniel Tauber calls for electoral reform and to keep the Likud democratic. Read More.

22 Mar. 2012
Likud Anglos organized the first ever delegation of Anglo Likud Central Committee members to the Knesset, meeting with Likud MKs who were competing for positions within the Likud party including Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara, MK Danny Dannon, MK Tzipi Hotovely, and MK Mickey Eitan. Read More.

31 Jan. 2012
Two of Likud Anglos leaders - Daniel Tauber and Sonia Graham were elected to the Central Committee in the recent elections for the Central Committee. Many other Anglos were elected as well.

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What is Likud Anglos?

Likud Anglos is a group of dedicated Olim from English-speaking countries who believe that the Likud is the political party most able to lead the State of Israel, to continue building and reforming Israel's economy, to improve Israeli quality of life, protect Jewish and Zionist values, defend the Jewish people, and ensure the integrity of the Land of Israel.

The Likud has a long history -- one intertwined with the history of the Zionist movement and the founding of the State of Israel. It began with Ze'ev Jabotinsky who founded the Revisionist-Zionist movement and continued with Jabotinsky's protégé, Menachem Begin who founded Herut and then the Likud.

We believe that “Anglos,” who have backgrounds from advanced democratic cultures, have a special role to play in the Likud and the State of Israel. We therefore aim to provide our membership with an influential voice inside the Likud and Israel's governing institutions.

Likud Anglos was founded in 2007 by Ari Harow and managed by Shalom Helman and Sonia Graham, with the support and encouragement of Likud Party Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu.

Please JOIN US in strengthening the Likud and the State of Israel.

Why Likud? Learn more about the Likud: a national-liberal party.

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